Angry Sea by Willi Malek



DIMENSIONS (Height - 52.00 cm X Width - 72.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36259-0147-01
COPYRIGHT © Willi Malek
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Artist: Willi Malek


Hi, my name is Willi Malek and I was born in Germany in 1950.

At the age of 3 my family immigrated to Australia and we settled in Adelaide.

At school I was interested in drawing but sadly the local school did not offer art subjects and my interest eventually waned.

At the age of 15, I entered the workforce and enjoyed a 39 year career in the public service. I dabbled only occasionally in painting during this time as family commitments took priority.

Once retired, my interest in painting was rekindled and I began to paint more frequently. Oil paint became my preferred medium and I found myself predominantly painting Land and Seascapes.

Being self taught with no formal training, I painted only for my own pleasure but a chance meeting with a member of Rotary in 2010, led me to exhibit for the first time. When one of my paintings sold on the opening night, I felt the excitement of my first sale and the thrill of knowing that someone liked my work.

In (2011) I joined the Port Adelaide Community Art Centre. This has given me the opportunity to mix with other artists who provide valuable advice and feedback on all forms of painting.

Having survived a heart attack in late 2014 has heightened my appreciation for life and I am grateful that I am still around and able to paint. I hope that my gratitude for life is reflected in my work, some of which can be viewed on the gallery website.

I can be contacted by Email at 

or on Phone 08 82403711 Mobile 0422 909 391.


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