Burnt Siesta by Zilpa Van Der Gragt

ARTIST NOTES: This is the way I create my paintings.

I use pyrography to draw my under-painting and overlay it with coloured encaustic paint.

Pyrography is also known as wood burning or poker work. Pyrography means to write with fire and can be applied to wood, leather or paper.

I use the pyrography stylus as a pencil, adjusting the heat setting for lighter or darker shades.

I then heat the encaustic paint which is made by mixing beeswax with dammar crystals and colour pigment.

As the wax cools it sets permanently and only requires an occasional buffing to restore its original sheen.

I have named this method PyroWax, as the combination of pyrography and encaustic art is unique to my artwork.

I mix my own encaustic paint and also make the pine substrate, so my paintings are totally home made.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 50.80 cm X Width - 40.70 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Other Medium on Wood
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-35742-0139-01
COPYRIGHT © Zilpa Van Der Gragt
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Artist: Zilpa Van Der Gragt


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