Crow by Nicky Courtman



DIMENSIONS (Height - 102.00 cm X Width - 51.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Acrylic on Canvas
GENRE Portrait
REGISTERED NRN # 000-35998-0160-01
COPYRIGHT © Nicky Courtman
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Artist: Nicky Courtman


Nicky is an English, South Australian based artist who is active in the Adelaide Hills art scene. She works mainly in acrylic art and holds a Diploma in Art & Design with experience in graphic design.

Starting out, Nicky naturally took a conservative approach to her work, aiming for realism in her art with animal portraiture. However, she had a yearning to venture from the intense attention to detail this style and her graphic design required. She dreamed of creating freedom and movement in her work.

This yearning led to Nicky exploring with acrylics, using A LOT of paint in the process but rediscovering what paints can actually do. She loves experimenting and through trial and error has learned so much about the character of paint and how far you can push it.
Having fun with her paints and enjoying using unconventional tools to create lines and patterns across the canvas, Nicky believes that her joy of exploration throughout each painting prevents her work from becoming static and enables it to evolve.

Nowadays she enjoys pushing herself in both realism and abstract impressionism, believing that both disciplines have developed a more diverse artist in her as a result.

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