French Crusine by Brian Carter



DIMENSIONS (Height - 69.00 cm X Width - 80.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Gouache on Other
GENRE Streetscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-35759-0140-01
COPYRIGHT © Brian Carter
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Artist: Brian Carter



Brian recently welcomed members the “U3A Art Group” for the second time to his home where they took the opportunity to discuss with Brian his art in terms of motivation, subject selection, techniques, materials and what satisfaction you can get from art.

Brian has always has a passion for art, creating pictures on board, paper. When did he first started to paint? His earliest  recollection is the second day of primary school. When the Teacher asked who in the class could paint a boat picture? Up went Brian’s hand, Later on a Parents visiting day his parents observed the back wall of the classroom was covered in paintings which were in fact all by Brian. Having no such materials to produce paintings at home is was a big surprise to his parents.

Being self taught his love has been to produce watercolors and later adding gouache as another medium. Watercolor is known as transparent whereas Gouache is opaque, the result being watercolor can take many layers of paint to achieve density, gouache very few.

He is a realist in other words “What you see is what you get” favourite subjects being LANDSCAPES, FISHING HARBORS, STREET SCENES,HOUSES (OLD BUILDINGS OF CHARACTER)

Being an Engineer by qualification and a spending the majority of his working life in manufacturing/project management he is an absolute perfectionist in his art. The result being that the average painting can take six months to eighteen months or longer. When working there was never a great deal of time for him to paint and whilst it was in fact his “Great Escape” from the pressure he was constantly under, art was very much a denied frustration due to other priorities.

Brian has only in recent years displayed his artwork to  the public, the first being the” ROTARY CLUB OF VICTOR HARBOR ANNUAL ART SHOW” WHERE HE HAS SOLD A NUMBER OF WORKS. In 2011 he won FIRST PRIZE and the winning entry  plus one other entry sold within 24 hours, recently he was named a finalist in the ADELAIDE PARKS ART PRIZE, however this has now been rescheduled. Other works have been sold privately to Art Lovers and through the STATION MASTERS GALLERY, BLUETHUMB ART

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