Into The Deep by Camilo Esparza Garcia

ARTIST NOTES: The image is yellow fin tuna inspired in my own aquarium and marine world series, for more information see my blog:


DIMENSIONS (Height - 35.00 cm X Width - 50.00 cm )
GENRE Animals
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37119-0141-01
COPYRIGHT © Camilo Esparza Garcia
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Artist: Camilo Esparza Garcia



Camilo is an emerging artist who migrated to Australia in 2008 looking for new opportunities and landed in this lucky country. In 2014, after almost 7 years of hard work and study he felt the need to reconnect with the fine arts. Camilo grew up in Colombia, South America under the mentoring of the well renowned Colombian Graphic Artist Eduardo Esparza, his Dad.  Since an early age Camilo was in contact with oils, watercolours and acrylics, he did his first engraving at the age of 4. Camilo worked at his dad’s workshop ‘Carangano Grafico Taller’ learning all the techniques and helping him making many editions of serigraphy. Camilo spent his free time painting and helping students with the printing of their engravings and also supervising their work. At the age of 16 he left home and went to London for a year to learn English and to visit the museums and art galleries, Paris, Geneva, Genoa and Florence were on his cultural journey. All the art in Europe was overwhelming, so much history and talent inspired him, specially the Impressionists. On his return to Colombia he decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science for very intense five and a half years. During this time his artistic production was minimum, most of his time was devoted to studies. Now, in cosy Adelaide, the spark of art has come back and since the beginning of 2014 he started painting again after a recess of almost 10 years. A visit to the workshop of Hans Heysen inspired him to go back and express his views of the world with blank canvases and oils. Camilo’s latest series called “Marine World” is inspired in the marine wildlife of Australia and some imaginary and real creatures that live in the ocean; he wants to send an awareness message of protection of marine species, especially those endangered. Camilo is one of those romantic people who believe that there is still hope in a world driven by corporate profit and greed.


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SALA Artist profile:


    • First Prize for oil paintings at The Royal Adelaide Show ‘Art Prize 2015’ Adelaide, Australia.
    • Merit Award from the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, SALA exhibition “Salt of the Earth’ 2015 Adelaide, Australia.
    • Finalist first Bienal  "Arte Canino y Felino" Purina,  Bogota, Colombia 2000
    • Third place in ‘Salón Marden: Artistas del Sur- occidente Colombiano’ Centro de Convenciones Palmira, Colombia 1998
    • Silver Medal in ‘World School Children´s Art Exhibition’ Taiwan, Republic of China 1990


    • Graphic arts: drawing, painting, printmaking, serigraphy (silk-screen printing)
    • Engraving: intaglio, etching, drypoint (line-engraving), linocut,  colography


    • Graphic Arts, Carangano Grafico Taller Colombia 1996-2002


- RSASA Member’s Summer Exhibition ‘Monochromatic’. Adelaide, Australia 2015.

- The Australian Bookplate Design Award Exhibition 2015. The Library at The Dock, Melbourne, Australia.

- RSASA Member’s Spring Exhibition ‘Stepping Out’. Adelaide, Australia 2015.

- Royal Adelaide Show Art Prize. Adelaide, Australia 2015.

- SALA Exhibition at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts ‘Salt of the Earth’ Adelaide, Australia 2015.

- SALA Exhibition at Gallery One at Mitcham, Adelaide, Australia 2015.

- SALA Exhibition at Boomers on the Beach, Adelaide, Australia 2015.

- Blackwood Rotary Club Art Show. Adelaide, Australia 2015.

-  Exposición Colectiva, ‘Festival Nacional e Internacional  de Arte Ricardo Nieto’ Bogota, Colombia 2005.

- Universidad Nacional de Colombia ‘introducción al grabado’ Bogota, Colombia 2001.

- Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales U.D.C.A. ‘Exposicion de Aguafuertes, Aguatintas, Serigrafias, Colografias, linoleos y Xilografias Bogota, Colombia 2000.

- Galeria Carrion Vivar, Bienal Arte Canino y Felino Bogota, Colombia 2000

-Centro de convenciones Palmira, Colombia 1998

-Casa de la cultura Parque Nacional, Bogota, Colombia 1997

-Nueva Tibabuyes ‘Dia de la tierra’   Bogota, Colombia 1996

-Planetario Distrital Presidencia de la Republica ‘Amazonia’ Bogota, Colombia 1993

-World School Children´s Art Exhibition, Taiwan, Republic of China 1990

-World School Children´s Art Exhibition, Taiwan, Republic of China 1989


    • Active member of The Royal South Australian Society of Arts, since May 2015

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